Periodic Dropbox sync problem

It seems about once a quarter I have a syncing failure with Dropbox. Last Friday I added 44 PDF files (about 1.5 gb) to my 16 in MBP. It’s now going on 4 days and have still not sync’d with my MB12 or my iPad Pro.

As a test yesterday, I put a small pdf files on my MB12 to see if it shows up. In 24 hours it has not shown up on either my 16 or the ipad.

I seem to have a sync problem about once a quarter.

Any suggestions?


As mentioned elsewhere, we are unable to reproduce any issue so far and we have also not changed any of the code regarding Dropbox sync in a long time.

Select the sync location in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync, control-click the problematic database in the Databases list, hold the Option key, then choose Verify Database Thoroughly.
What is reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log?

DT3 has not been able to confirm such a problem (though they surely have tried) but clearly it exists. It does not seem to be consistent however in who or when it affects people, so it is quite frustrating in that regard.

Three observations;

  1. The DB in questions is one of five. I put a single folder with a single file in each of the five DB’s. After a few minutes, 4 of the 5 sync’d on all devices except the DB in question.
  2. I then put a single folder with one small file on the MB12 in the DB in questions and it did not sync anywhere.
  3. Lastly I attempted to perform the “Verify Database Throughly” on the MBP16 on the DB in question. It got to 1045 of 4655 and has been stuck there for over 30 minutes. BTW, I have recently “Verify and Repaired DB” and “Optimized” but have NOT “Rebuilt” DB.

Please advise.


It could be slow server responses from Dropbox. You can open a ticket - Option > Help > Report Bug and we’ll look at the logs.