Permanency Of Item Link In DEVONthink ...?

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BlueFrog noted that “The location of the file in the database structure is not static so linking to internal files are likely to have broken links.”

Is that still true with DT3? I’m not 100% sure how I’d construct the test case to test it (is it just a database rebuild? Do I have to do something before I do that?), and I’ve found the only thing worse than not testing is testing incorrectly and being supremely confident in an improperly-obtained result. :smiley:

And if that’s not true, can I be confident that the UUID for any given item will be consistent on a permanent basis? Or does DT change all of that stuff “on the fly”? I.e. if I toss


into a Calendar link, or OmniFocus link, is that safe behavior over the long term?

Yes it’s still true.
UUIDs are permanent unless you export and reimport files.

@webwalrus, while the item is in DT, and you didn’t mess with the internal structure of DT, you may be sure that UUID is the most constant thing about this item you’ll ever see anywhere else outside DT.
You may do with this item everything you want: change its content, name (including file name!), all metadata including location, replicate, duplicate - whatever else you want - UUID will still be telling you that this is the same item, while other apps may hardly recognize it is.