Permanent errors / new templates Adresses & Data DTP Beta 8


Have installed the recent Public Beta 8 DTP version and noticed 2 permanent errors when using the 2 templates available in Adresses & Data:

Data > New from template > Adresses & Data > Adress card: as explained in the Help, I select an adress card in AdressBook then go back to DTP to create a new document from the appropriate template menu. I get a permanent error “The variable TheEmail is not defined”.

Data > New from template > Adresses & Data > iCal event: as explained in the Help, I select and copy an iCal event from iCal then go back to DTP to create a new document from the appropriate template menu. I first can see a small window which indicates that the search of the iCal event is in progression (eg: 1 out of 4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4) then I get a fatal error "iCal error: impossible to get “class wr10” of event ID “040000…etc…” of calendar ID “A946BBCE…etc…”. Note also that following this error, DTP has no longer reaction and I have to force it to quit.

My AdressBook version is 4.1.2 (Leopard) and my iCal version is 3.0.8 (Leopard).

Also tested with AdressBook 5.0.1 (Snow Leopard) => same error.
Also tested with iCal 4.0.1 (Snow Leopard) => works fine.

Hope the DT team will be able to help and fix.
Thank you!

You need to select a card and then it will work correctly. It does for me at any rate using Snow Leopard and Devon office.

Thank you for your answer.

That’s what I am doing (as detailed in the application Help) but, unfortunately it does not work.
I do select an adress card from the card list of one of my adress groups set up in my Adressbook, then back to DTP, I select from the Menu bar/Data/New from template/Adresses & Data/Adress card… and the error mentioned above arises permanently, whether I run DTP under Leopard or Snow Leopard.
May be, I am doing something wrong?

Hopefully, a Devon team member will have an explanation for this unexpected behavior. The error “The variable TheEmail is not defined” should be explicit enough to investigate more.
Anyway, thank you for reply :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll investigate this issue right after the Christmas holidays!

Thank you, Eric!
Looking forward to hearing more from you about this post and about this Ticket #901076 as well, which refers to something similar. I have the feeling I am really unlucky with the automation tools recently shipped, whether they connect DTP to iCal or DTP to Adress book. Hopefully, we will turn the corner soon :slight_smile:.

For time being, enjoy this holidays period!

I am re launching this 2009 dated topic and just would like to know more about the DT team’s investigation.
Thank you!

I have looked at these bugs and they should be fixed in the next release.

They are.
Thank you Eric and the whole team as well for this stable release :slight_smile: