permanently turn on hyphenation for specified documents

Hello. The “Allow Hyphenation” command does so only for the time that particular document is open. Closing and reopening it sets it back to no hyphenation. Is there a way to make it stick? Thanks.

AFAIK, not possible. Though it is possible to set keyboard shortcuts for this in System Preferences. You would need to set shortcuts for “Allow Hyphenation” and “Disallow Hyphenation” so as to permit you to toggle the setting. The shortcuts will not solve the problem – just make the workaround a bit faster.

(Allow / Do Not Allow Hyphenation is a per-document setting in many OS X text editors – TextEdit for example remembers the setting for a document but does not set this as a default for all documents. Since in Mavericks, at least, this setting seems to persist for a given document in TextEdit – using TextEdit for that document might be another workaround.)

Thanks. I’ll post this in the requests section.

Of course, there’s a dark side to hyphenation. :slight_smile:

Suppose you get hyphenation working as you wish. You print a document and mail it to me.

I scan the document, resulting in a searchable PDF version of it. Then I find that the most important search term in the document doesn’t work, because the term was “broken” by hyphenation.

I’m doing book scanning now, and have decided to take on an extra step just to eliminate hyphenation from the resulting text layer!

Hello Bill. That sort of is a point, but, although that would be a problem easily avoided, it doesn’t even seem to be the case. When I allow hyphenation, then choose print and make a pdf of it, no hyphens show. Actually, that could be a problem (but well—if I want a perfect pdf, I use InDesign).

But the usual purpose of hyphenation is to reduce gapping in printed lines. That makes a printed page more attractive.

But if a printed page is scanned and converted to searchable PDF, terms split by auto hyphenation are not as searchable, e.g., “dysfunctional” as the search term won’t get a hit for “dys-

Some OCR software provides for removal of hyphenation during text recognition. I’ve decided that the ability to reliably find a search term is much more important than preventing gapping in printed output. :slight_smile:

Of course, if I’ve retained the image of the copy but but removed hyphenation from the searchable text layer, I’ve got the best of both worlds: “pretty” pages with reliably searchable text. :slight_smile: