Persistent Activity window

This is a dumb request, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

I’m currently Convert to Searchable PDF-ing a big document (900 pages). I’d like to keep tabs on the progress of the conversion while doing other things, but the Activity Window disappears when DEVONthink isn’t the primary application.

So there’s the request: can we have a preferences flag to make the Activity Window persist in place, even when our focus is elsewhere?


There’s no such preference yet but we’ll consider this for future releases.

All I can ask for. Thanks, Christian!

I thought of another use-case: big syncs. Same deal—nice to keep tabs on progress without having to stay in DT to do so.

+1 for this option/preference - would be great to have Activity show in the lower left corner below the list of databases!

That’s actually the location where the new Activity pane of version 3 should be shown (when necessary).