Persistent Activity window

This is a dumb request, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

I’m currently Convert to Searchable PDF-ing a big document (900 pages). I’d like to keep tabs on the progress of the conversion while doing other things, but the Activity Window disappears when DEVONthink isn’t the primary application.

So there’s the request: can we have a preferences flag to make the Activity Window persist in place, even when our focus is elsewhere?


There’s no such preference yet but we’ll consider this for future releases.

All I can ask for. Thanks, Christian!

I thought of another use-case: big syncs. Same deal—nice to keep tabs on progress without having to stay in DT to do so.

+1 for this option/preference - would be great to have Activity show in the lower left corner below the list of databases!

That’s actually the location where the new Activity pane of version 3 should be shown (when necessary).

Curious if this ever been addressed? It’s driving me crazy that every time I open the activity window to try to watch some activity it then disappears.

What is it reporting?

It’s reporting sync activity and as soon as the activity is over it disappears. If I want to look for any activity happening I have to manually open the activity window and hope to catch it. I don’t understand why it doesn’t stay open in the same way that the log window stays open.

On another note, I’m happy to see that the log window now displays both date and time. Thanks for that!

You can go into the Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden Preferences and click the On link for DisableActivityWindow.

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Thanks for the pointer. I tried that the on/off values made no difference in the windows behavior. I tried clicking on the links in the Hidden Preferences documentation and I also tried setting it in the terminal (with DT3 not running). There was no difference in the window behavior with either setting.

The behavior I’m hoping to see is this:

  • Open the Activity window
  • initiate a sync
  • see the sync activity in the Activity window
  • when the sync completes, the window stays open (similar to how the log window stays open all the time.

What I see regardless of the DisableActivityWindow setting is that the window always disappears after the sync activity completes.

This is not a critical issue for sure, it would really be handy when trying to figure out sync issues between my devices to know whenever a sync is happening.

One other comment… The links in the documentation window give no feedback that anything happened. I was assuming at first that maybe I had some pop-up blockers on or something. It wasn’t until I went in the terminal that I saw that the On/Off links were actually changing the preferences value.