Persistent sync issues on the latest versions of DT

The update to DEVONthink 3 looks great so far. Very nice improvements to the design and features.

I am having an issue I have run into before where it appears that no matter how long I wait, my databases don’t sync. This was so frustrating with iCloud that I moved to Dropbox, and for a while it was better. But now my iOS devices reflect different data than the Mac. All devices are logged in to Dropbox with an encryption key properly entered and say that they have updated to the cloud as recently as this morning.

What am I getting wrong? I did a clearing of my inbox on the Mac last night and moved about 80 items from the global inbox to various other places in my primary database. Surely, it should not take over 40 minutes to sync this change with all of my iOS devices running on with DT in the foreground.

I am running the latest version on all devices.

Perhaps time to “clean” the Dropbox sync files and let a fresh sync begin?

And while doing that if your devices on local network, add a Bonjour sync channel in addition to Dropbox. Bonjour over local network is always much faster and if the inconsistencies are still there, then you can spot them quicker and it may help in debugging. And, you’ll likely enjoy the reliability and speed of Bonjour.

I appreciate your response and am willing to go this route if I need to.

If I can, I’d prefer avoid it. I have had the same issue across multiple versions of DT across different devices and across cloud syncing platforms. I already started from scratch when I moved to Dropbox.

Is there nothing I can do that doesn’t involve restarting or introducing a second redundant cloud sync?

For a program as capable as DT, I would think this should just work by now without all the upkeep. I don’t want to put more work into syncing than I have to. It’s easy to take for granted because every other app I use that uses the Dropbox API handles it with no problem.

I don’t consider running Bonjour as “redundant” to Dropbox. DEVONthink is designed and allows multiple synch methods. When the devices can “see” the machine that accepts incoming, it works (e.g. when you are attached to the local network) as will Dropbox. When the devices cannot see the machine (outside the network or the machine not running DEVONthink), then Bonjour won’t run and only Dropbox will.

What is the additional “upkeep” with running both Bonour and Dropbox?

FYI, (because I “can” and took it as a personal journey to see what would happen), I have Bonjour, WebDav on a local NAS, WebDav on Fastmail, Dropbox, and CloudKit all running on the Mac. No upkeep and frankly I pay no attention. On the ipad and iphone I only have Bonjour and Local NAS working … but when I’m released back into the world and can be a road warrior again I’ll rely more on the external servers.

Maybe somebody else has some secret to debug Dropbox’s problems. Dunno. Clean is my best suggestion. Described in the Manual.

What other apps are you using that you know for sure use the Dropbox API rather than just relying on files in the Dropbox folder (as all my apps do, I think)?