PhotoStickies bouncing dock icon - for what?

First of all, I’m a huge fan of Photostickies - have used about a year now and it’s my favourite app of all time!

Question: When I have several webcams going at once and am working in other apps with PS in the background, I get a bouncing dock icon every few minutes, indicating that PS needs some attention. I cannot tell for what my attention is needed! Is one of the webcams ‘hung’? They are all set on “wait for”, no recording, nothing that should need my help. I can’t seems to find anything that tells me what the issue is with needing my attention?

I know, this is minor, but would like to resolve the distraction of the bouncer…

Thank you for the feedback!

PhotoStickies bounces its Dock icon every time a “waiting” cam starts to send new images after a pause and therefore it’s a good idea to adapt the interval to the real cam interval (as a too small interval results in too much bouncing).

Can that be shut off? I don’t want to be notified every time an image updates. I just want to be able to look and see the latest without the notification. Very distracting.

I started this topic six months ago and I did something to deal with it at the time but have forgotten what I did.

The issue just came back with PS 5.3, so I changed the mode to ‘start’ rather than ‘wait’ for each of the images and that seems to have dealt with the problem. And for cams, I think you need to set the interval longer than the real cam interval.

I think this is a “feature” that to some of us seems like an annoyance, but hey I’m not going to complain because I love the app so much!

I wish all windows could be made chrome/ui-less. Wouldn’t it be great to have a Terminal or a browser window like that?

I came looking for discussion of this issue and see that it was last addressed just about exactly a year ago.

For me this is a major annoyance. There are a couple of webcams I like to keep running in Photostickies. IMO there should be way to turn the bouncing icon off completely.


Thank you for the feedback. The next release will probably include such an option. In the meantime, running PS as a menu extra is one way to bypass this “annoyance”.