Photostickies: Cam URLs

There are two cams I would like to view through Photostickies: … 7301.shtml … 7452.shtml

Does anyone know the url from the pages source code ?

They renew every 20-30 minutes, is there anyway to automatically save
each image to a folder - both streams simultaneously?

And lastly is there a list of drag and drop URLs of popular cams available ?

Many thanks in advance -

[EDIT] Sorry, must have lost the use of my brain for a while back there.
Figured it all out OK - excellent application.

The cam URLs are… … 547301.jpg … 547452.jpg

Using DEVONagent, you can right/control click on the cam images and choose either “Open image in new window” or “Open image in PhotoStickies” :wink:

To save the images, right/control click on the cams in PhotoStickies and choose “Record > Original”. This will record all frames to the folder ~/Pictures/PhotoStickies.

How about these?

Using the DEVONagent “Add to PhotoStickies” feature only gets me an error beep.

I’ve viewed the source and found an IP address + CGI path that the webcam image probably comes from, but adding this manually to PhotoStickies doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?


It’s an endless multi-part image stream, PhotoStickies does not (yet) support this.

I tried DevonAgent on the webcam url below and right/control click only gave me a flash settings menu. … am=fridays

It’s a cam based on Macromedia/Adobe Flash, PhotoStickies doesn’t support this.