PhotoStickies: php cams?

Any way to get something like this to work?
It will do one frame, and then lose it on the refresh.  :’(

Strange. Loading this URL in Safari delivers an error image, loading this URL with PhotoStickies delivers at least one cam image.

Probably this  cam requires some cookies - I’ll check this (as PhotoStickies already contains lots of code to “fool” servers requesting correct cookies or referrers).

Yeah, it seems to want ID=bahamas&someUglyRandom(?)NumberStringHere. If you manually change the URL in PhotoStickies to something like that, you can score one MORE cam image, usually, but then the number needs to change again… If this is a common method with other cams, would there be some way have it generate URLs like that on the sly? :-/

I’ve seen such IDs quite often in the past but so far all cams worked without those IDs too. Maybe it’s possible to fool the server by creating a random number, I’ll have a look at this.