Photostickies - stop DTP work and do this! :)

Give yourselves a break - Stop work on DTP right now and implement this! :slight_smile: LOL

Allow user to assign a url to images OR an http image location, so that when the image is command-clicked, the site will open the page in default browser.

Quadruple extra points for the above ++ generating a semi-real-time image of a url’s page.

I’ll pay lots for this!!!

More than for DT Pro 2.0? :slight_smile:

Or would you buy DEVONnote for $20 and use the feature to add new web cams from the PhotoStickies list? In DN, you can copy the URL by using Edit > Copy URL. (I’m assuming you were asking about Web cams in PhotoStickies.)

Not only that, you can use DEVONnote’s floating window feature (check Windows > Keep Window in Front) as a great DT Pro-compatible note taker available in all applications, including DT Pro itself. :slight_smile:

HECK no! Do you think I’ve gone maaad? :slight_smile:

That’s the thing - I’m not talking about webcams, but images, + for extra points, live thumbnail image of a site.

Just a nice, elegant image - just as it works now - no icky chrome, borders, scrollbars, menubar, titlebar, bleah!
But the image happens to be ‘live’ in that the user can assign a url to the image, which upon a command-click on it, it brings up the url in the default browser.

I know this would add to the valuability (is that a word?;)) of PS.

And believe it or not I do own DN, which I use from time to time. I wrote about my experiences in a thread back in January.

Thanks again for all you do, Bill.