PHP doc import problem

DT refuses to import some docs with a .php extension. Every way i try it just beeps. However if I give the same doc a .txt extension it works just fine. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks.

Could you mail me an example document? Then I could check whether it’s an import bug and that the upcoming version 1.9 will fix it.

  1. Emailed example docs which will not import.
  2. Also trying to link or index the same docs shows them in the left column but the preview window stays blank.
    Thanks again!

So what ever happened with this?

It appears from the docs that DEVONthink primarily docs that it primarily relies on file extension (and also uses HFS type). The issue I’m running into is that there’s lots of files that are plaintext that don’t fit this. Like when I download source for something that has a README or INSTALL or any other kind of file with no extension. Or, the one I’d love to import right now, .adiumLog.

It would be great if DEVONthink let you do two things:

  1. designate extra extensions that should be treated as text (for things like .adiumLog). Yes, these could also be added into DEVONthink natively, but this lets people add that kind of content as it becomes available.

  2. When importing, let the user indicate that this is a text file and should be indexed as so.

(I’m enjoying DEVONthink so far. I think it may end up working quite nicely for something I’m working on for a friend of mine).

More flexibility is still on the to-do list but targeted for a later release.