Pinch/Zoom on notes

Pinch/Zoom on notes only work for PDF notes, not for text or RTF notes. Especially for RTF notes this is cumbersome, for instance of you want to visualize an entire table which is long in the horizontal direction. It is also not possible to move RTF or text notes in the horizontal direction. Could this be possible in a future upgrade?

Lots of things are possible. Noted (with no promises).

Just came here to see if this was possible. How about a promise 3 years later. :slight_smile:

My old eyes would appreciate the possibility of zooming a small note

It’s not pinching, but View > Zoom > Zoom In / Out has been available for some time.
Control-Command-plus (remembering + is Shift-=)


On Command0-0 to go back to Actual Size.

This is DevonThink to go??

Ahh, no… sorry about that.

The next major version of DEVONthink To Go will focus on the text editors. However, no - I cannot give you any timeframes on that. Thanks for your patience and understanding.