Placeholder for %clipboard%

I’m attempting to write a smart rule using just the GUI, i.e. without extra scripting. I’d like to rename documents using the clipboard. While the appendix in the documentation includes a placeholder for ‘clipboard’, this doesn’t appear as an option in the contextual pop-up menu. I attempted to use %clipboard% as the placeholder. The resulting token is named ‘Plain Text’, so appears to be the correct solution. However, when applying the rule, the file is renamed %clipboard%. Any thoughts?

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Development would have to chime in on the feasibility of a %clipboard% placeholder.

  • What is the clipboard data is an image?
  • What if it’s paragraph’s of text?

A script would be a better option, IMHO.

The clipboard data is just a string of two words, so nothing too elaborate. I’ll look into scripting but I have seen comparable features in Hazel and iOS Shortcuts, so I guess that establishes my expectation.
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Isn’t such a smart rule limited to one item and requires that the desired name has to be copied first? What’s its advantage or usage scenario?

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It would be helpful in the context of the new “Scan Document” smart rule feature. One would be able to copy text somewhere and then run a smart rule to tag/move/set metadata for one file or a set of files.