Placeholders not being read

I have a template in the DT ‘Templates.noindex>Toolbar’ folder which carries a placeholder, and it works as expected.

I duplicated that template within the same folder and in the duplicate, dug into Package Contents to modify the *.md file I was using to start like this:

id: %recordName%
last mod: %recordModificationLongDate%
links in: %record_incomingItemLinkCount%
links out: %record_outgoingItemLinkCount%

But none of these placeholders are being filled when I open the new template from the “New from template” command. I just get an *.md doc with the raw placeholders as listed above.

I’d appreciate guidance on what I’m doing wrong, which is presumably bleeding obvious but not to me …

What template are you dissecting? There are no default toolbar templates.

I put my own very simple template in the Toolbar folder, and copied that.

It’s a Markdown doc that starts with %longDate%, which gives me "Wednesday, 26 October 2022’, so I assumed that if I plugged in other placeholders in the new (non-working) template they would be filled accordingly. Not so, thus my perplexity. Is it because it’s Markdown? And if that’s the case, why did the original work?

These placeholders are not supported by templates used to create new items as the item and therefore the %record...% placeholders do not yet exist.

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I’d better go back and read about placeholders again …