Plain Text Editing Bug?

When I’ve typed several lines of text, and then try to add a line of space between two lines using return, the text does strange things. The line I’m pushing down appears to duplicate itself, and sometimes disappears. Backspacing brings the vanishing line back, but sometimes produces another duplicate. Screen Recording

Most likely (temporary) display glitches of macOS’ text engine (e.g. can be also experienced in TextEdit or Script Editor). Which version of macOS and which plain text font do you use?

It looks like the same glitch as the one I reported some time ago. @drumonit Are you able to consistently reproduce it in different documents? The glitch is recurring in some, but not all, of my markdown files. I have yet to find the commonality between these files.

I’m on Sonoma 14.5, I use Courier New for plain text editing, and the problem doesn’t occur in the TextEdit app, nor does it occur in any of my other apps, like Pages, Scrivener, Notes, etc. My DT3 has had this issue for months, but it finally bugged me enough to make me want to see if others have also experienced it. By the way, I’ve tried different fixed and variable width fonts, but the issue still occurs.

Hmm. I’ve been experiencing it for a while—it feels like months. It only seems to occur in plain text and rich text format documents that I’ve either created in or imported to DT3. I haven’t experienced the issue in .html or .md docs…yet. But then, I rarely work with those formats in DT3.

What font are you using in RTF?

Can you ZIP and post a problematic example document?

I’ve been using Verdana, but the issue has occurred with other common fonts, like Helvetica and Times. I should also mention that it doesn’t matter if the DT3 editor is in the DT3 pane, or its own window. I’ve Zipped the RTF doc and attached here. To reiterate, TextEdit, Pages, and Scrivener don’t seem to have this issue.
DT3 Text Line Issue (1.1 KB)

  • Even if created in DEVONthink, is this an indexed document?

  • Are you using any keyboard related utilities?

It’s not indexed, and I am not using any keyboard related utilities. I had quit whatever apps were running—Dropbox, Magnet, and Dropzone—but this has no effect on the issue.

It’s definitely just a temporary display glitch - selecting all and deselecting it again or resizing the window should immediately fix this.

I’ve been experiencing this issue for months. However, I did the routine you suggested, already knowing the outcome, and, yes, the issue persists. So, it’s definitely not a temporary display glitch. I would jump to using a different app before I go through the routine you suggested every time the issue occurs. No, thank you.

I’m not seeing the issue here.
Do you see the issue on another user account on the Mac?

I’m the sole user, currently, but will look into it using the Guest or Root account. In the meantime, I took a little time to isolate DT’s activity in the Console. These items appeared every time I moved the cursor to edit a line of text. Is what’s in the screenshot normal?

Actually I’ve never seen this in any of my logs so far.

I fired up the Guest user account, and created a new plain text file in DT. The same issue occurs.

In DEVONthink, hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Done! Thank you for your help.

You’re welcome.
We’ll look at the logs and see if there’s anything useful.

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After a few emails back and forth with DT support, sending a screen cast of the issue, and receiving confirmation that they were able to produce the issue on their end, the issue’s been forwarded to development. I was asked if I wanted to help test future internal builds on my setup, and accepted. The last email was on 6/22.

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