Play animated gifs in DEVONthink

I have a collection with jpeg’s, png’s and gif’s in DEVONthink. Most of the gif’s are animated. If I now run through the collection DT only displays a static image for the animated gif’s. Is there a way to get the animation without opening the file in my browser?


Just commenting here to bump this. It seems like it’s been 4 or so years with no updates.

Is there a plan to allow animated GIFs to play within DT? We use a lot of GIFs as training/support material (just like DEVON does, btw!) and I keep a library of them in my DB. It would be much better to preview them in the app than my current workflow, which is to send myself the GIF in Slack to make sure it’s accurate before sending it out.

Even a “play” button on the GIF so they’re not endlessly looking would be extraordinarily helpful. Thanks.

It’s not a commonly requested item. The request is noted but no promises.

I would also like this. I catalog a lot of images, and it would be nice to be able to preview the animated ones.

You know, you can select the GIF and press Spacebar to invoke a QuickLook window that shows the animation.

Any chance of adding this functionality to DEVONthink 3?

There’s always “a chance”, but no promises. Development will have to assess this.

Optional, please, if implemented. :grimacing:


Another +1 from me, would definitely love to have this. Thank you!

I would also like this feature

Same request - I just moved a great deal of content from Evernote and found the animated GIFs are now static gif images. Shame.

One workaround is to display them via the Quick Look panel (see menu View or just press the spacebar like in the Finder)