Please add Quicktime / Webcore support

The one major feature that DT is missing which would make it perfect for me is the ability for DT to parse and display any file supported by Quicktime: video and audio files, Flash, etc.

A lot of my documents these days have flash and or quicktime assets either as supplementary files, or embedded in them… and as far as I can tell, DT doesn’t display them. Being able to both display and categorize these types of files would be invaluable.

Any chance of this appearing in a forthcoming release?

Also, I mentioned this in another thread, but is Webcore support (with a similar preference set as DEVONAgent: plugins, javascript, CSS external files, etc.) coming to DT soon

Note - in my tests so far, when DT comes across a SWF or FLA file, it hangs the application (spinning beach ball and I have to force-quit).

Just checked this - no problem. Do you know the HFS type code of your SWF/FLA files?

I figured out the problem with the hang - turns out a bunch of my .fla files had TEXT as the file type. Once I edited these to be the correct file fype, DT linked to them with no problems.

I would still like to request Quicktime support - is there any plans to incorporate this into DT for a forthcoming release?

The WebKit will probably be added to v1.8, Quicktime to v2.0. But the next releases will be DT PE 1.7.x, DA 1.0final and DT SE.