Please help with Item Link ➝ WikiLink conversion

Hi everybody - devonthink user since 2004 - :grinning:
First off congratulations for this beautiful software and sorry for my very so so English.
I cannot find a way to convert my item links to wikilnks in order to use my notes with other software.
Can somebody help me?
Thank you all and ciao from sunny Italy :sunglasses:


Thank you for the kind words and being a long-time customer! :relaxed:

Item links don’t convert to wiki-links. They convert the other way around.

What other software are you using that needs wikilinks?

I would like to use Obsidian or Zettlr for Windows.
In short I would like to export all my Devonthink notes contained in a database and being able to read them in Obsidian, preserving the links.
My Devonthink notes use item links that work very well, for instance in sync with Devonthink to go on my iPad and iPhone.
Unfortunately, if I move my notes out of Devonthink, item links don’t work in cooperation with other software.
Thanks so much for your attention.
Goodday to everybody.

You’re very welcome!

Have you already proven out that Obsidian or Zettlr have functional wikilinks from DEVONthink files?

Yes :slight_smile:
For example, I create 2 .md files in DT.

Test 1
Item link to Test 2 (doesn’t works in Obsidian - Windows) :frowning:

WikiLink to Test 2 (works in Obsidian - Windows) :slight_smile:
[[TEST 2]]

Test 2

Obsidian correctly recognize only the WikiLink.

screenshot from MAC

Have a nice weekend !!!