Please Help...

I just upgraded to Devonthink Pro 2.0 from 1.5 and upon opening the new version it appears that all of my previous info is gone. Is there some setting that I am missing? Thank you.

In DT Pro 2, choose File > Open Database. Navigate to and open your DT Pro 1 database. You will be offered the option to have a new version 2 database copied from the data in the version 1 database. Accept.

When the conversion is complete, check the Log (Window > Log), which will list any files that failed to be included. If there is such a list, save it for possible future reference.

If at first you don’t see your database, choose File > New Window.

If the conversion failed, perhaps your version 1 database had a problem. It’s a good idea to run Tools > Verify & Repair before conversion, to check database integrity. If so,use DT Pro 1.5.4 to repair the database (Tools > Restore Backup, or Tools > Rebuild Database) or return to a good backup of the version 1 database.