Please support image annotation

please support image annotation.

What kind of annotations actually? Adding stuff like lines, polygons or text would be part of the image and couldn’t be removed anymore after saving the image. Therefore one option might be to convert them to PDF. One of the advantages of PDF annotations is that they’re separate objects and can be added/edited/removed easily.

Aha we can convert it to pdf ^^;;
Then, while I was thinking about pdf.

  1. The ocr language is currently not Korean. Mac version works, but can I ask for future support?
  2. The document rotation after ocr seems to be inaccurate. In Mac, the auto correction function can be turned on and off, but to go (pad) doesn’t seem to have a separate release function. It would be nice if the accuracy itself improved

We will be adding new languages to the OCR in future releases, and I will add Korean to the list of requested languages.

When you say the auto rotation in not accurate, do you got a sample document that I could use to reproduce this issue?

thank you for support. and i will send some sample.

for mac,

20210222171541937_ko.pdf (4.3 MB)

Thank you I will try the file