Please update task list template

In a ‘task list’ created by means of the Task List template, adding items by placing the insertion mark after the last item in a list, and pressing the Return key leads to removal of one or more of the items in the list (at least in DEVONThink Pro Office 2.5.1 under OS X 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion). Please update the template.

Thanks for the note, we’ll take a look at the template.

It’s odd behavior, as @arnow reports, but over here (10.8.2 using 2.5.1) the RTF in DEVONthink doesn’t behave differently than it does when it is opened in TextEdit - or when creating a bulleted list in TextEdit where the bullets have no text following them: when the cursor is placed at the end of a bulleted line that contains no text, and then is pressed, the bullet disappears; if the line contains text, then a new bulleted line is created.

IOW, I’m seeing OS X’s RTF editing normal behavior with the template – perhaps it’s a bit strange, but at least it’s consistent.

Really, what would be even better is if the task list weren’t just a pre-formatted RTF document, but an actual hierarchical task list using checkboxes you could toggle on and off.

Even without being a full-fledged to-do manager, having this would be an enormous help in project management.

Just a guess, but it could a while before hierarchical task lists with checkboxes become a part of the DEVONthink product. The developer tends not to include special-purpose editors and document creation features in the product – especially ones that already exist in the market. DEVONthink is more of a data management tool than a data creation tool.

Never say never … but In the meantime, DEVONthink plays well with Folding Text (can do hierarchies and those checkboxes), TaskPaper and other available tasking apps.

Yeah, I realize it does. The problem for me is that I very very easily fall out of the habit of staying organized, and if I have to use more than one program for it, I’m doomed. :slight_smile: