Pls update it for El Capitan

Hi there,
I’ve just purchased Devonagent. It’s functionalities amazed me. However, its design is kinda outdated. Plus it’s not fully compatible with El Capitan system. When I click on the “full screen” option the window closes.

Pls keep it updated.

From one of your fervent fans.

The current version of DEVONagent Pro is compatible with El Capitan.

When I choose View > Enter Full Screen, the window does not disappear, but goes into Full Screen view as it should. Does the behavior you described still happen after a Restart to clear any gremlins from your computer?

Personally, I usually keep the menubar visible, as I don’t try to remember all the keyboard shortcuts for menu commands that I want to invoke. I lose very little screen real estate on my 15 inch MacBook Pro in doing so.

A lot thanks for your reply. Looking forward to its more El Capitan-adapted version other than this compatible one (especially the icon, which could be much nicer). :smiley: