Plugin API

Often there are requests about DEVONthink being able to support other file formats. Personally I wonder about one thing: isn’t there a plugin API for such things? I think with a very simple interface a lot could be achieved.

Basically you could allow the plugin to define it’s interface with a small description file (XML or whatever is nice). In that interface it would define the following:

  • Files it wants to be responsible for (by extension I’d suppose)
  • Script to execute for importing that a matching file
  • Output format (PDF, RTF, HTML, Text, CSV, maybe other formats that DEVONthink supports).

The script will accept the file to be converted on stdin (or it’s file name as a command line parameter), convert the input and print the converted document in the specified output format to standard out.

I believe that would give a lot more flexibility to DEVONthink and allow a lot more file types to be supported “natively” without the developers having to implement all of the formats that have been requestd (For example I’d like to see documents which I don’t think have been requested, yet).

Is there any chance we might see something like that?

Oh and I’ll be perfectly willing do create some proof-of-concept plugins. Actually for example antiword might be plugged into that architecture without any change.