Plugin issues with case law searching

Forgive me if I’m being a total moron, but:

I tried to build a plugin around this caselaw search and got 0 links: Search | Caselaw Access Project

Looking at the page source of the page that’s generated with a test query it’s a bunch of javascript, so perhaps not surprising. Thinking I was being clever, I tried this:

Also 0 links. Looking at the page source for that, there 100% are a bunch of links returned in the html, so I’m not sure why DA isn’t finding them.

Also, I wanted to edit the as_sdt portion of the query in a copy of the Google Scholar Case Law plugin, which should have been much simpler, and it seemed like it was working, but then it stopped, and now the original plugin is not longer working. It’s weird though, because if I click on Google Scholar in the log it opens a page that, again, totally has links, even though I’m getting a zero link error in the search window. I’m not getting anything suggesting I’m blocked by Google, which is what used to happen every time I played around with plugins hitting GS.

Also, while we’re talking DEVONagent, is there a way to stop gmail and other webmail pages from sending images to the download queue? I generally only want to download stuff where I actually, you know, click a link?

I am not seeing any issue using Gmail’s web interface adding images to the Download Manager in DEVONagent Pro. Are you not using a proper email client, e.g., Apple Mail?

I’m using DEVONagent’s browser to look at webmail. I don’t use clients like Apple Mail, which is a whole long converstion I’d be happy to have but probably off topic. I don’t have to use DEVONagent’s browser to look at webmail, I know it’s not really intended to be a full featured replacement for Safari etc., but it works fine for me except for this thing where it thinks I want to download attachments automatically.

It’s not site specific, outlook webmail does the same thing.

The next release will include a simple plug-in using for the API.

Thank you! In the meantime, it’s exposed to regular site search so if you do a search set with e.g. Reporter: Ga. | Caselaw Access Project that gets the cases into DA.

Looks like Google Scholar was throttling me, my edited copy of the existing plugin totally works now.