Plugin: "The Week" magazine

I’m a fan of The Week magazine… and after setting up a DEVONagent plugin, I’m even more of a fan. It’s the easiest website I’ve found to parse, hands down. And it turns out their search returns a bunch of links that don’t actually match the search term (seriously), so using DEVONagent to handle the search is awesome.

Anyway, here’s the plugin I’m using:

  "LinksNotMatching" : [
  "Description" : "Searches the web using <>.",
  "Info" : "The Week magazine Plugin",
  "EngineUrl" : "https:\/\/\/search\/_agentQuery_",
  "Version" : "1.0",
  "Operators" : 59,
  "Start" : 0,
  "ParseLinks" : true,
  "Name" : "The Week magazine",
  "OffsetPerPage" : 1,
  "ResultsPerPage" : 10,
  "LinksStart" : "<div class=\"search-results\">",
  "LinksEnd" : "<div id=\"footer\">",
  "NextLinkName" : "Load More",
  "Identifier" : ""

Very helpful.

Thank you, Padillac, for posting that plugin.