Poll: would you like it if DT contains an IMAP engine for archiving email?

Currently, DT allows for e-mail archiving by connecting to Mail and other clients with a plugin. Although that works, the process is slow at first (at least in my experience) and relies on mail rules afterwards.

I don’t think building a complete e-mail suite alike regular clients like Mail is feasible nor wanted, but in my opinion connecting to an IMAP client server that allows for archiving would be a better, user friendly and more logical approach than the plugin method. It’s also less dependent on other programs like Mail, nor would it require something like full disk access.

Should we ask the DT staff to consider implementing IMAP functionality to archive e-mail? I.e. connect and download received and send messages stored on an IMAP server. Nothing more, so no things like sending from DT, to keep things from getting overcomplicated.

What do you think? You can click on the poll below and/or make a comment.

I would like DT to be able to retrieve e-mail from IMAP accounts
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  • No

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This is actually one of the many things planned for future releases but, as usual, no promises.


Thanks for your reply! It’s good to hear you’ve already been thinking about this point. I guess we’ll know if it’s possible and how long it took to get it working might a future release of DT offer this functionality.

I was planning on closing the poll in about an hour, as it’s been up 24 hours at that time. So anybody who still wants to chip in: the clock is ticking.

About 70 people viewed the topic as of now and 16 of those replied to the poll. For what it’s worth apparantly about a third of those would like a build in IMAP function as described. And thus two thirds think you should spend your time on something else. :smiley: