Pop Down menu is slow?

I’ve noticed that the drop down menu in the DA search field (where we can choose search sets, plugins, etc.) is extremely slow–clicking and holding down the mouse on the splyglass icon, it takes a full 4 or 5 seconds for the menu to appear! If I just click, there is a second or two pause, then the pizza wheel appears and spins for a second or two, then the dropdown finally appears. A couple of times I thought the program had frozen somehow.

Is this normal or do I have some kind of slowdown maybe on my system? I thought it was happening while I run iTunes in background, but checking that out does not seem to make a difference.

Craig Turner


I can’t replicate that – the drop-down panel displays instantaneously on both my computers.

Sounds like either a low memory condition or a sleeping hard drive that has to wake up to find the data.

How much RAM do you have? And can you check Activity Monitor to see how much free memory you have when you get such slow performance?


please check if disabling the contextual menu plugins installed on your system might fix this (e.g. rename the folder ~/Library/Contextal Menu Items and then launch DA again).

I tried the re-labeling of the CMI folder, but no luck.

I have 1.1 gig of Ram and the Activity Monitor says I have almost 500 megs of free ram during the activity of DA.

One thing I’ve found is that if I hold down the Control key and then click on the drop down menu, it is instantaneous.

Do you use some haxies (e.g. by Unsanity) or input managers? Anything special about your system?

thanks for the response.

I only have Logitech’s control center device installed for occasional infrared mouse use on my laptop.


I get the same result. I thought it was something unique to my system. I only have the copypaste CM listed in the menu that comes up with DA. No haxies…

What does happen after disabling all CMs & all input managers? If things should still be slow - could you create another user account and check if it’s user specific? Thank you!


I tried creating a new account and, sure enough, DevonAgent responds very fast and appropriately with the drop down menu!

Craig Turner

Maybe deleting the preferences (com.devon-technologies.agent.plist) and the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONagent will fix this for your standard account.

WARNING: Only delete the folder if you’ve neither created your own search sets nor archived pages.

DA pull downs in the new user account are very snappy. Deleting the prefs and application support folders in my user account do not help.

I’ll have to try disabling things one at a time.

Thanks for the info!

Would Safari plugins/mods impact DA?

When CopyPaste is running, even when I have DA listed in the exceptions preference for CP, the pulldowns beachball. I’ve checked all other input managers and CMs.

Anyone else using CP experiencing this?

In my experience tech support for ScriptSoftware (the Devs for CopyPaste) is fairly abysmal (inconsitent to zero response rate).

The slow toolbar pulldowns are also present in Sandvox when CopyPaste is running so it’s not a strictly DA issue.

Any suggestions as to how I’d troubleshoot a potential conflict?


Anyone else have CP running with DA & experiencing this?

I just got back to this forum (I was the original poster).

I also use CopyPaste!

But have you noticed, Milhouse, that if you use the Control key with the mouse click on the menu, everything works snappily? It does for me.

I will submit a report to CopyPaste too!


Sweet! thank you for the control click suggestion.

I didn’t think of that. I now have mapped to one of my mouse buttons.


The answerI received from Julian at script software was to turn off the CP contextual menu.

Doing this should eliminate similar delays in all programs.

Below is the explanation provided:

The problem is the contextual menu plugin, which has to be removed in order to fix the problem. This can be done in the general preferences tab under “Menu”. The Problem in its essence is that the plugin sends an AppleEvent to CopyPaste and requests a reply to build up the menus. CopyPaste receives the Event and sends the reply. This reply is catched by the front program so the plugin waits for it until it times out, and unfortunately this waiting blocks the whole program. There is little I can do beside setting the timeout of the AppleEvent to just a fraction of a second.
I examined the problem in Nisus Writer, which showed the same behavior. Best would be to have no contextual menu at all. The contextual menu is in a way a step back to old OS 9 times, because it shares address space with the host program. Therefore it is loaded separately into each programs space and it has no own process serial number. So a host progam can easily block the AppleEvent reply.
I will make a new plugin with shorter timeout. This will be in the 2.7.3 final.
Better to tell the person to turn the contextual menu off (and relaunch the host program)



Thanks for this–I also, just today, got a similar reply from Script Software.

And it works!