Pop out inspector

forgive me if this has already been discussed but I haven’t seen it - is there a way to have the inspector be a separate/pop out window? is that something that the team is thinking about? my computer is small and the inspector takes up a significant chunk of the window.

They say we should just “use the hotkey, to show and hide”


There’s a popover available on demand (see Tools > Info or Cmd-Shift-I).

They say we should just “use the hotkey, to show and hide”

And yes, that’s also a legitimate option as well.

I would also appreciate this feature, although i’m coming from the opposite end. I have heaps of screen real estate. I’d love to be able to put large windows of the “List” and “Related words” display on another screen beside the “Cloud” display.

There doesn’t happen to be a way to restrict what these show, particularly the Cloud display, to words that appear at least more than once?

The intention of all of this is to help me sort through the relationships of a couple of thousand of carefully selected quotes from my research materials.

I, too have need of the pop out/ detachable inspector feature. People process and track visual data in different ways. One person’s experience of “streamlining” an interface is a relief because it removes distracting data. Another person’s experience of that same interface is a “stripping” useful data from the visual field and productive though slows or stops.

Some brains can function with a popover that displays over other data and and then disappears if you click on another item because they can focus on one kind of data and maintain a mental snapshot of the data covered.

I can’t speak for others in the forum, but as a brain researcher who specializes in learning and cognition, I can say MANY brains, including mine, need the ability to track visually among 2+ pieces of data in milliseconds, without the referent(s) or the supplemental item(s) disappearing or being obscured, even for a millisecond.

If the phenomena still isn’t clear, it’s of like “out of sight out of mind,” but on a moment to moment thinking level. For brains that require the ability to function without any break in the visual contact with all data they are processing, it’s especially important to have this GUI functionality when they are processing new information as they convert it into usable knowledge.

The other time it is critical to have “data” in the visual field, is when they are generating NEW ideas.

All marketing materials rightly proclaim that these are 2 of DT’s goals, so this (and other visual functions from the past) shouldn’t be too far out from the philosophical design.

Hopefully, this explanation will help those who sometimes offer workarounds, to do so with methods that address this principle. If this helps clarify, then it should help with the related requests for:

  • window size questions (fitting more smaller windows on screens)
  • 3 pane view needs.

Again, not speaking for everyone, but probably someone aside from just me.

In summary, the capacity to view data in more ways than is possible at present is not meant to disrespect the development and design teams. Just trying to explain this request and need in a way I have not yet seen on the forum and hoping it will make sense to people who can affect the changes. PLEASE, imagine ways to allow both options (panels and tear-aways/separate windows), if possible. If it is not possible, maybe come up with ways to see things that address the phenomena addressed above. Maybe the GUI isn’t too far away, as I have seen in DT3 it is possible, for instance with Database properties.

Thanks for listening.

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