pop up and search in pdf

Please forgive my tormenting questions!

a) the ‘block pop up windows’ option in preferences is grey, and I can not have pop up. Is a beta limit or what?

b) If I search a word and DTPO found it in a large PDF, I’m not able to ask to DTPO to find it inside the PDF. The ‘find’ commad is grey and I have to read all the pages manually (or convert the pdf in a text document…). Is a limit or I’m missing something?

c) If I try to convert a PDF to rich text, I got an error in LOG; I can only convert in plain text. Is it normal?

Thank you again for the answer!


a) As DEVONthink does not yet support pop-up windows, they’re of course always “blocked”

b/c) Do you use Mac OS X 10.4.x or still 10.3.9?

Ah, ok.



By default it’s only possible to convert PDFs to plain text on Mac OS X 10.3.9, to convert them to rich text a third-party extension (TextLightning) is necessary but its usage isn’t really recommended (Tiger or Leopard are better investments).

Finally, due to limitations of Mac OS X 10.3.9, it’s not possible to search within a PDF document or to highlight occurrences. This requires Tiger.

Thank you again for the support.