Pop up window

Can you make a pop up window so i can paste code snippets directly from devonthink into textmate. I have tried snippet managers and they really are very poor compared with devonthink for searching and organizing etc etc etc.

What I see is a text box like the Take Note window…a search box at the top and it rapidly searches specific folders it is set to and would be nice if it had the ability to search just on tags and tags and content.

I don’t see why dt can’t be used for code snippets. The only issue may be syntax highlighting. I use textmate and you can’t build up 1000 snippets in it, it is not made for that but devonthink does it without even thinking about it. It would be nice if you could implement the textmate syntax highlighting…I think you can do that by just reversing their engine and using their syntax highlighting files. I am sure you know more than I do on this.

Does that not sound some more synergy out of dt? You could even make a code snippet edition maybe.

Just thinking…as all the snippet managers on OSX are useless and buggy and your just as well using text files why not have those in dt? Too slow to get them out currently.

I use many IDE’s like many people so I don’t want to use IDE built in management.

I would like dt to be able to do for my code what it does for my filing.

Again hope that makes sense… :confused: