Popclip extension for Devonthink tools request

Dear sirs,
I am a happy user of most of Devon Technology products, and I think a great enhancement would be the development of a Popclip extension for one (or preferably all) of Devon Technology applications.

See this page for details: pilotmoon.com/popclip/extensions/


I looked at the Popclick site and would agree that the extension provides a number of conveniences to its users.

But, while I don’t speak for Christian, I think he would be reluctant to incorporate the extension into DEVONthink and other applications. The reason is that it is a hack to Apple’s OS X, as it modifies features of the operating system.

Is the hack entirely bug free, or might it introduce instability in the operating system? That’s a question that cannot be answered without a great deal of testing time, under all of the versions of OS X currently being run by our user community. That would take developer resources.

A continuing problem with hacks to the operating system is that, because they have modified code in the operating system, they are subject to “breaking” when Apple updates or upgrades the operating system. In the best case, the extension might simply stop working and otherwise be harmless. But bugs or operating system instability can be introduced, depending on interactions of the extension and Apple’s revised code. So, once one has introduced a hack into an application, it becomes a problematic area of the application’s code.

Personally, I’ve come to avoid a lot of popular utilities such as text expanders, multiple clipboards, etc. because the convenience and timesaving they promised were too heavily paid for in data lost and time spent trying to clear up problems when bugs showed up.

I have already built my own Popclip extension (it’s pretty easy to put together actually) but am not convinced of its real usefulness. We provide so many mechanisms to get data into DEVONthink already that I think it is really reinventing a wheel that already does a more thorough job. Just my 2 cents.

Some features not present in earlier versions of OS X are now present in Mountain Lion, such as more than one clipboard, paste as formatted or unformatted text.

I am trying this useful little Macos extension. It has a function to clip text to a new DT file, but only in plain text. Do you now if there is another PopClip extension that creates a rtf and copies rtf text, etc?


Highlight the text you want, then


RTF file stored in Inbox

Magic :smiley: :smiley:

That IS magic :slight_smile:

Command-Shift-9, or Command-(, captures plain text. Command-Shift-0, or Command-), captures RTF(D).

And… you can customize these shortcuts in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services, if desired.

Bear in mind, doing so may affect or be overriden by other applications’ shortcuts so choose them with care. Also, they will not match what the general populace is using so if you have problems later you’ll have to remember you have your own shortcuts specified, not the original ones.


Or you can select text in any application and drag it and drop it on the DEVONthink icon in the Dock. The text will be imported to your defined import location ( DEVONthink Preferences) in a format appropriate for the source from where you dragged it: webarchive for websites, rich text for rich text editors, plain text for plain text editors, images, etc.

Isn’t it a beautiful thing how many ways we can get data into DEVONthink! :smiley: :smiley:

Wow! I certainly did not know this. Great stuff.