Possible bug in DTTG related to reading position

I’m experiencing an annoying thing when reading PDF in multiple devices. Not sure if it is a bug or a “feature”.

-Open a PDF in one iPad A.
-Go to any page.
-Wait DTTG syncs and close DTTG with the PDF opened.
-Open same PDF in other iThing B.
-It opens in the synced position.
-Move position to other page.
-Wait DTTG syncs and close DTTG with the PDF opened.
-Go to previous iPad A.
-Open DTTG if it was not opened (the current PDF is still open).
-Wait until DTTG syncs without touching the PDF.
-PDF page remains in the current page, does not change to the page left in the iThing B.
-However, if you go to a Mac, the page is updated to the last viewing.

As said, I don’t know if it is a bug or simply a wanted way of work.

Do you mean switch to or actually launch the application?

Interesting question… If when I return to an iPad, the application is not open on iPad unlock, I use to open it from main screen instead of open it from the list of yet open applications and select from it. However, normally DTTG has been the last or previos to the last one I’ve used, and surely it still is in memory… I think is that you are asking me…

iOS can terminate any application it feels is wasting resources, so it is less likely to be running when unlocking your mobile device. Possible? Yep, but not guaranteed.

Ok, but that does not answer to my question.