Possible for DTPO update to 'reset' Finder sidebar?

Hello all,

This might be an Apple Mail/system problem, since macOS Sierra (currently running 10.12.1) hasn’t exactly been stable - but figured I would check with others, to make sure.

When installing DTPO 2.9.8, pretty sure I noticed a new Finder window open, and now my sidebar has reset to the default option, with only iCloud, Airdrop and the DTPO Inbox being available (as opposed to all my other Smart folders and saved searches).

I’ve noticed this happening a few times of late - and just presumed there was something else going on (seemed to coincide with the times Mail.app started hanging as well), but now I’m wondering if this might not be related to my updating DTPO?

Anyone else notice anything similar?

Actually DEVONthink just adds its inbox by opening a Finder window and choosing File > Add to Sidebar via AppleScript, this shouldn’t have any impact on the sidebar configuration (as long as the Finder isn’t buggy but I wouldn’t count on Apple software these days anymore)

Thanks. It appears to be buggy as hell, so no doubt the issue sits this side! 8)