Possible to create each two-sided page as individual pdf?

I’d like to be able to scan in a bunch of unrelated papers and have DT create a separate pdf for each paper which includes both sides.

I see two options in the preferences.
First option allows me to create one pdf file for all papers that are being scanned.
Second option is to create a separate pdf file for each paper and each side.

For example if I scan in 20 business cards on the first option I’ll get 1 pdf file with 40 pages (one for each front and back). The second option will give me 40 separate pdf files.

What I want to do is have it create 20 pdf files. Each file will have the front and back of each page that I scan in.

Is that possible? Or do I need to keep merging individual files after they’ve been scanned into DT?

Is this with ScanSnap?

In ScanSnap settings - until the File Option tab, click Option… and activate “Generate one PDF file per [2] page(s)” Make sure in the Scanning tab you have Scanning Side set to “Duplex Scan”. You can save these settings under their own profile.

For your business cards set to one PDF per 1 page, and use simplex scan (one sided). You’ll miss the back side of the odd business card that is two sided.

Thank you, I forgot about the additional settings under the scansnap software…thought it was all handled by devonthink.

Do you know if I allow the automatic blank page removal it will then risk creating the wrong 2 page pdfs? Meaning - it sees one side is blank so removes it, and creates the 2nd page of the 2 page pdf with the first side of the next page that is being scanned in.

Probably. See what happens.

Just tried, it didn’t work - made the 2nd pdf with the reverse side of one scan and the first side of the other.

Easy enough solution though - just uncheck the “allow automatic blank page removal”, though the pdf files will have blank pages, its not too hard to remove.

Wondering if there is any other option or setting I’m missing to solve this issue? I don’t mind manually removing the blank pdfs on two page documents if it’s one or two scans, but I’m planning on scanning roughly 1000 pages, a mix of two sided and one sided documents.

To Clarify - If I set scansnap to create 1 pdf for each duplex scan and also set it to remove blank pages, and if I scan in a page that is blank on one side then it creates the 2nd page of the pdf with the first page of the next paper that gets scanned in.

Without some fancy OCR-based scripting, I don’t think there’s a work around. Scanning a page in SnapSnap is binary - either it’s scanned or it’s not scanned - and ScanSnap doesn’t evaluate the content of a page to determine it is blank (whatever “blank” means :wink: ).

Hmm…there’s the option within scansnap to remove blank pages, but I suppose it’s removing the blank pages before creating the 2 page pdf thereaby creating the problem I’m encountering… maybe I should be posting this on a scansnap forum instead :wink:

If the Devonthink pro software had an option to automatically remove blank pages after the pdf files have been created and imported that would solve the problem… but there doesn’t seem to be that option.

Yes, you’re right about that setting. I overlooked it. As it is, I notice now that I have had that set for a long time - but still get lots of blank pages in my scans, so I assumed ScanSnap couldn’t do it (because it doesn’t 8) ).