Possible to filter unread RSS without smart folders?

Is it possible to view unread entries in a RSS feed without setting up a smart folder? For example, is it possible to use Search to effect this?

Sometimes I leave an item unread in a RSS feed, and then move on to something else. I then want to clear the unread items later on, but with a RSS feed with thousands of entries, it’s quite difficult for me to pinpoint where exactly the unread RSS entry is.

Smart groups work, but at the same time, this might mean that I will have to create a smart group for every single RSS feed I have, which is alot.

An ‘unread filter’ that I can apply to my current view would be fantastic.

Does an option in Search exist for this? Thanks

No, there isn’t a filter for it, but unread items show in bold for visual distinction.

I nest all my feeds under a single group per database, so that the only smart group I need to create (per database) is one that searches that top-level group for unread is true, kind is any document. Another option, assuming that you want to keep your current system of organizing feeds, is to assign a tag to all your RSS feeds (i.e. ‘feed’) and then set up a smart group that searches for unread is true, tag is ‘feed’. If/when you move the feed documents to another group for archiving, the ‘feed’ tag will be dropped.

Yes, but with thousands of items within a single feed, quite hard to see when I’m scrolling through the entire list very quickly.

A search filter that can filter out ‘unread’ items ‘in selection’ would be great.

Both are interesting methods, but at the same time, I need to categorise my feeds in groups and sub-groups and sub-sub-groups. Have 50 or so feeds and the number of feeds are probably going to go up over time.

The tagging system sounds interesting, but it’s quite manual. Means that I have to manually change the tag for the smart group every time I want to see which items are unread for a particular group.

A search filter that can filter out ‘unread’ items ‘in selection’ would be invaluable for an avid user of the RSS function in DTPO.

I am having the same problem…
Feeds are quite useless to me unless i can filter for “unread”.
Will this be available in the future?

I use the following smart group settings to filter my RSS feeds:

Search in: “Database” or a specific folder of feeds if you have lots of other unread HTML in your database.

All of the following are true:
-Unread is On
-Kind is HTML Page

This is an especially useful tidbit. Narrowing the searchScope like this eliminates more false positives.