Possible to Import Old dtBase2 Without a Mac?

I used to use Devonthink Pro Office (2.something from 2019) and found it very useful. I now use Windows machines exclusively, but I did save a .zip of my Devonthink database, which I still have. I now have an iPad Pro and I’m wondering if it’s possible somehow to import the dtBase2 from my old Mac into Devonthink To Go, given that I no longer have a Mac. If it is possible, how would I go about doing so? Thank you!

I think you need a Mac to make use of the dtBase2 file, but I’ll leave that to the experts

I question saving your data in this format
My backups include a data export using the Files > Export > Files & Folders
This would be use-able with a Windows device, except we lose the tag assignment

Welcome @NecktieCosmos

Sorry but no, there is no way to use the .dtBase2 file directly in Windows.

  • Were you syncing DEVONthink 2.x?
    • If so, you could potentially set up the same sync location in DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Sync: Locations and import the database(s) from there. However, you’d need to be connecting to the same sync location, including the same account, e.g., for Dropbox, and you’d need to know the encryption key for the sync location if you were using one.

I wasn’t syncing anywhere, unfortunately. Ah, well. I thought the answer was probably ‘no’ but I didn’t figure it would hurt to check.

@DTLow I exported most of my stuff in folders, too! So it’s still more or less useful, I just hoped I could preserve all the relationship data with the dtBase2 file. Apparently not without a Mac, though.


After unzipping the archive there should be a Files.noindex folder inside the unzipped folder. This folder contains all files of the database so that you could at least use them on Windows.

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Ahh, too bad.

Just buy a new Mac and try again. :wink: