Possible to index a finder smart folder?

Apologies if this has been asked before; I can’t find an identical question through a search.

My basic problem is that I use zotero to manage citations (I’m not entirely happy with it, but I’m stuck with it until they figure out a way to export notes in something other than html). I’ve also let zotero manage my pdfs, as I’m not so keen on running all sorts of scripts to keep that tidier.

I have DT indexing my zotero folder right now, but it’s slow and it picks up zotero’s saved website files, too. I have a smart folder in finder that shows me just the pdfs in the zotero folder, and I’d like DT to index just those files. Anyone know of any way I can have DT index this smart folder? Any other work arounds come to mind?

You can Index the smart folder, but that will only capture the saved search that defines the smart folder; not very useful.

If you perform File > Index and OPEN the smart group, you can select and Index into your database the PDF files displayed within the smart group.

But that only captures the PDFs displayed at the time the capture was made. It’s a static capture of a dynamic smart group.

As far as I can determine, to update the collection one would have to delete the previously captured PDFs and repeat the Index on the smart group contents. Next time you add to the collection managed by Zotero you would need to repeat such an update.

It might be possible using Triggered Scripts (documented in the Help file) but I can’t think of any specific methods to suggest trying.