Possible to merge databases?

My apologies if this has already been answered on this forum. I did a search for both ‘merge databases’ and ‘merging databases’ and while I got a lot of hits, I couldn’t find the answer to my question. (I may have just missed it.)

My question is: Is it possible to merge databases in DTPO?

I have one large one filled with research. I’m starting another one that I am scanning hand written (non-research) notes for a specific project into. At some point, I may want to merge the two. Is this / Will this be possible?

Thanks for any help.

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Sure. In the Finder, create a new empty folder that’s to receive an export from one of your databases.

Open the smaller database and select all of its contents. Select File > Export > Files & Folders. Choose that new folder you created in the Finder.

Switch to the larger database. Choose File > Import > Files & Folders. Select the new folder that received the export above.

Now your larger database contains the contents of the smaller database as well.

Excellent! Thanks, Bill. It makes it much easier for me to scan into a fresh db and now I don’t have to worry that I’ll have to keep things forever separate if I don’t want to.

That’s more like a workaround. It would be nice if one could just select the dtBase files and the product would merge them into one of them or a new database

You could select the files and drag/drop them where you want it, I think.


Yes, you can. Open both databases in DT, select the contents of one and drag or right-click Move them to the other