Possible to refer to symbols?

Does anyone know if/how you can refer to a symbol (like the one for the script menu) in Keyboard Maestro?

Script Symbol

I’m trying to use a “Select or Show a Menu Item” action, but can’t name the menu without a text title, right?

Could use a nudge in the right direction if someone’s got a good way to accomplish this.

I did post this to Keyboard Maestro forum, but figured there are probably some KM whizzes in here too :wink:

No this is not possible.
Why are you trying to run a menu command via KM?

Following from this helpful tip I now use a Keyboard Maestro conflict palette for that sort of thing and it works really well.


Ultimately, I am looking to create a shortcut to run the “Add as To Do to OmniFocus” script.

The menu command shortcuts have worked pretty reliably for me so far, and they are quick to make.

Ahh, this looks promising! Thanks Stephen, I will try this out tomorrow

This worked!! Thank you Stephen

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Note this is possible to do outside KM. See…

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Wow, simple and awesome app. Just opened up a ton of possibilities. Thanks Jim.

You’re welcome. Check out Pierre’s other apps too, if you haven’t. :slight_smile:

@JC12 You have probably already been told this on the KM forums, but I will just observe here for those who may not know it, that KM also has a “Move and Click on Found Image” action:

This permits clicking on a button in the interface, if that is necessary. You need to use a screen capture facility (usually) to grab the button or whatever you need to click on, and paste that into the macro.

@mbbntu Thanks for sending this, I didn’t think about that.

Have you used those much? I think it’s such an awesome feature, and I do have a couple use cases, but for some reason, they seem to be the first to break on me periodically. Because of that, I have (unfortunately) not made as much use of them as I would like.

Also though, your post made me think of another way via Keyboard Maestro. You could click the absolute position where the script editor symbol is located, since I am guessing it wouldn’t change. I tested this a few times, and it seemed to worked pretty reliably (at least during one sitting).

However, either way of getting that menu to unfold would require me to then rely on two more “find image” macros to be able to click on “Add as To Do to OmniFocus”, which could break on me, or I would have to add in 13 down-arrow strokes, then a right arrow, another down, and Enter.

I imagine that (although precarious) it could prob work just fine, but figured there might be a cleaner solution if possible.

And actually, Stephen’s way is super cool, because I was able to just point my KM macro to the script file, and it executed it for me. Super simple and quick to put together.

The CustomShortcuts app from Jim’s post ran the menu command quite efficiently as well, and is a software that I could see playing nicely into my workflow.

Definitely some options that are better than my original plan :joy:

I haven’t used that method much, and I’m not using it at the moment because I don’t presently have any need for it. But I’m glad that it exists in case of need.

It might also be worth knowing about a little utility called Paletro, which will bring up a command palette in any application. It’s also something I don’t use much, but I’m glad it’s there. There is no way I can remember all the shortcuts on my system.

Better Touch Tool allows to access menus and their items by position.

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Yes, I was going to say that I also use Better Touch Tool for certain things. A very handy program. I use gestures to trigger Keyboard Maestro palettes with a selection of macros. Not my idea – there is a guy called Alexander who put this out on the KM forums.

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I didn’t know you could use gestures as triggers! I’m going to have to try that out

Great idea, I have not used Better Touch Tool yet but that would make it worth exploring

Agreed, I’m glad it exists for some specific and really helpful use cases.

And re: shortcut keys, I remember a good chunk of them, but Stream Deck has been invaluable with its ability to allow me to assign keys with icons for the shortcuts I want to run. Since using it frees me from having to remember key-triggers for EVERY shortcut, my shortcut library quadrupled as soon as I got that thing haha

There are some videos showing how to do it here:

They are in German (which I do not speak) but the graphics are so clear that it is not too difficult to understand.