Possible to remove creation date from title for multiple documents with smart rule?

I have a smart rule setup that on import it adds the creation date to the beginning of each file, example “01-01-2021 Test Title”
Unfortunately, I think on the transition to the new iCloud sync, this rule ran again and now I have titles with the date twice. Example “01-01-2021 01-01-2021 Test Title”.

Is there a way I can remove the first date from the title or if I have too, remove both dates and then I can add the date with the smart rule again? I was going through manually removing the first date but there are still 800+ files to go so I’m wondering if this is possible with another smart rule?

Smart rules are ideally intended for habitual processes.
You can use Tools > Batch Process on selected files.

You could use a Scan Name action with a RegEx of [0-9-] (.*)$ and a Change Name of \1. Test it on a selected file or two first.

Also you should rethink your smart rule if it’s reprocessing files after syncing. Post a screen cap of it.

thanks, I shall give that a try. Here is a screenshot of the smart rule, my guess is it ran agin because I
moved from one iCloud to another and it thought it was a new import? I see I could change the rule from “on import” to “on demand”.

The RegEx you speak of, how did you go about learning this, that looks like it could be a very powerful tool?

There are tons of RegEx tutorials and websites out there. Google will inundate you with hits if you ask it.

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It is very broad to use only a Kind is Any Document criterion, especially when targeting all databases. This is not a good idea as it says to match everything, everywhere.

What is the purpose of appending the date and for what files would you want this to happen?

I was using the date at the beginning of every file I enter into Devonthink to make it easier to see files by date, I was doing this for every file.

You can already sort by and display Date Added without the need for appending it to the filename. If this is for filing receipts or bills, etc. I would suggest you be more specific in the criteria, not just matching Any Document.

Right ok, maybe I should look at organising my content differently? Basically I use Devonthink for keeping anything and everything in, from work documents to home receipts or kids important school documents. I signed up the MacSparky paperless field guide some time last year and one of the things in there was to add the date.