Possible to replicate between databases in DTP3?


I’ve been preparing my DT2 files, groups, and databases to cross-over to DTP3.

I’m just wondering if it’s possible to replicate between databases in DTP3.


No, this is still not possible.

And probably never will as the referenced data has to be in the same database, just like hard links don’t work across volumes.

Thank you both for your reply to my query.

Is there a work-around solution to replications between databases – besides setting up “Index files and folders” to files and folders have have been saved outside of DTP?

Thank you…

No, there is no other option than indexing to different databases. However, due to the tighter integeration with the Finder, I’d suggest you approach that cautiously.

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Thanks very much. But can you explain what you mean by this:

What do you mean exactly? Makes me a bit nervous!

To be clear, I was thinking of creating Indexed files and folders for one outside folder to two DTP databases. Well, possibly more…

Indexing is not something to rush into.
If you delete files in an indexed group in DEVONthink, then empty the Trash, the file in the Finder will go to the system Trash. Same goes for removing groups inside and indexed parent group.

I see. So, the point is to refer to the files directly in their local storage – and not delete them from DTP, but their original source. And so, if one follows that approach to Indexing, then it’s stable and safe to use, correct? Or are there any other concerns that I ought to know about and heed?

Thanks again.