Possible to search *ONLY* already open windows?

Hello all,

I just want to check that I am not missing something obvious.

I frequently have 20/30 PDF articles open at any given time, as I am writing/researching.

I will be jumping between many of these, reading, scanning, annotating in each session.

What I would like to know, is if there is any particular way to search for a term, but only in those already open files/windows?

As in, I know I have read something about “Slartibartfast” in one of them - apart from now cycling through each one, and invoking the search/find popup to search for the term in each file/window, is this possibly something that can be scripted?

Or would there be an alternative way of doing what I want, that I am not thinking of right now?

The only idea coming to my mind would be a script which replicates the currently opened documents into a new group. Then you could search within this group. But this requires that all documents are located in the same database.

Many thanks - good to know I wasn’t missing anything.

Will see what I can cobble together, if anything with Applescript.