Possible to search remote database on Mac?

I have a large email archive database that I don’t want to store on my laptop, but I do occasionally want to search (like maybe once a month). Is there a way to search this database as a remote sync store without downloading it fully to my Mac? This is sort of the way the iOS app works, right? Just downloading the index and then any particular files that are opened?

This isn’t possible currently.


Came across this topic searching for a way to ‘offload’ databases stored on my Macbook’s local SSD. I’m looking for a way to use databases on macOS like I can use them on iOS / ipadOS. So sync the metadata but without their contents. Is this possible or is it on your roadmap?

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No you can’t have shallowly synced databases on your Mac. That is a mechanism to help alleviate storage issues on mobile devices.
On the Mac, you can close a database, move it to a connected external hard drive, and open it from there if you need to conserve space on the internal drive.

I use this: Mac on demand sync Workaround (Tested)