Possible to Use DT to store and search the text of .mobi and .epub files?


I understand that I need to read and mark up .mobi, .epub, kindle & apple books in their respective external apps, but I wondered if there is a way to import these files into Devonthink in order to have DT search the full texts of the documents alongside my PDFs and other documents.



DT is fine with DRM-free .epub files, but not .mobi or DRM-protected formats. But you can convert .mobi to .epub in Calibre, and DeDRM can strip DRM from older (pre-2023) Kindle books so that you can convert those too.


I don’t think you can move Apple Books out of their ecosystem at all (although I haven’t tried for several years) - the Apple philosophy seems to have been not to create a walled garden, but an entire prison for books :confounded:

Kindle files you can download and move, but as Nick has noted above, they are protected by DRM and are unreadable by non-Kindle programs unless you convert them to another format first.

I don’t use Apple Books at all (and for what it’s worth I recommend that others don’t either - it’s almost impossible to back-up or extract what you do in there), so can’t give advice on that, but for Kindle and other file types I personally convert everything to PDF and store that in a DT database that I have set up solely for that purpose.

I actually also keep all the PDF files in a second location in icloud as well as a “back up”, but most my interaction is via DT.

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