Potential bug in using quicklook under view>import>Emails>Apple Mail

Not sure if it’s Mojave’s settings or a potential bug of 3.0.

After installing 3.0 Apple Mail plugin, I switched to the import side panel (View>Import) and chose Emails>Apple Mail. When I used quicklook (spacebar) to pop up a window and scrolling down the list of emails in a mailbox, I could only quicklook the content of the first selected message but none of the content of the remaining messages in the list was updated/refreshed even though the highlighted selection was scrolling down. This is a consistent behaviour and happened in all of the mail boxes. The behaviour of using quicklook for listed items in the main window is normal.


Thanks for the report!
Development will have to weigh in on whether this is an actual bug or a limitation of accessing the emails in a live fashion.

It’s a bug, beta 2 will fix it.