Potential PDF note taking bug in DTP


I use DTP’s annotation tool bar to annotate and take notes in pdfs opened within DTP. However, the “note” annotation has stopped worked properly. Instead of resolving into a note that I click on and read, the note is left open, with part of the text visible. I cannot modify the note on DTP, or read the entire contents. This has only started to occur recently - I just installed the update (I’m running version 2.10.2). I can access and modify the note on DTGO. I use skim as my primary pdf reader when I open pdfs outside of devonthink, and I have not been able to fully access my DTP annotations while using skim in the past. However, my current problem has started to occur without my opening skim.

I’ve attached an image, since I’m sure my description is not entirely clear.


What operating system are you running?

Mojave 10.14.

I installed the new os yesterday, but I don’t recalled seeing the issue then (but I can’t be sure).

Note Annotations have been broken in macOS since Sierra. We will have a fix at some point but I cannot say when. Thanks for your patience and understanding.