Preference to pause indexing while on battery power?


Have been using DEVONsphere Express for the last few months on a 2012 MacBook Pro, and have recently switched to a 2017 MacBook Pro (16GB RAM, 2 core I7).

On this new machine, have started noticing that the program is almost always listed in the “Using significant energy” on the battery status menu. This might be due to the index recreation, but it seems to be having a significant impact on the overall battery life. My current solution has been to pause indexing (manually) while on battery, and resume it (manually again) when reconnected to AC power.

is it possible to add a preference to pause indexing automatically while running on battery?


What kind of locations have you added - full drives, your Home directory, networked volumes, …?

The scan directories are all local sub-folders of the Documents folder. No network drives are involved. The music folder is not included.

The entire documents folder is about 60GB in size.

The categories being indexed does include DevonThink (the DT databases are also located in the Documents folder).



You might try to update the index hourly instead of automatically (see Preferences > General).