Preference to turn off Thumbnails for Web Capture

Could we please have an option to turn off the thumbnails for web capture as I have to remove it manually every time (if I’ve missed an option for avoiding this - please let me know). Frankly it’s hard to see the utility of this feature anyway since most webpages are longer than an A4 page with the result that all you get is a thin black sliver in list views. There is a preference for not creating thumbs of PDF’s and something similar for web capture would be great. An alternative (probably preferable) is to capture thumbs but to only show generic icons in list views and to show thumbs in Icons views. A preference for this would probably give the best of both worlds.

My suggestion for this would be to have an icon that only shows the first page’s worth of content, much like the finder preview of a pdf document.


That would be a help however I would like an option to display generic icons in lists and only show thumbnails in icon view.

That would work for me too, as long as the thumbnail only showed the first page’s worth …