Preferences Menu - full view

after last (?) update DT3.7.2, when I click preferences settings, DT3 does not offer me a way to see the whole menu:

I need to click on >> to expand the list.


I do not seem to find a way to change this/resize the window. I am sure I am looking in a wrong place :slight_smile: Is there a way to see the complete preferences menu actually/resize the preferences window?

I also see this. A minor annoyance, but I agree that the size of the Preferences window should be increased.

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No this is not possible and has been discussed before.
The icons have wider spacing in Big Sur and making the preferences resizable could lead to strange layout issues with less populated preference panes.
So the overflow flyout is the current method we’re using.

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It happens in Finder and I’m mad about this. Very mad.

Apple expanded toolbars and other non-essential stuff as if macOS will become a finger touchable environment.

If they were going to implement touch in MAC screens, I will be incredibly happy, but they did because they stopped having good erogonomic design ideas and started messing with all UI, changing it because each year UI must be different does not matter if it improves or not, like have to drop-down a menu to mark a notification as read when in Catalina was a very big button… I’ve forgotten the amount of times I’ve opened notification configuration because mistake drop-downing that stupid menu.