"Prefix while typing" support in DEVONsphere Express

Are there any plans to add “Prefix while typing” support in DEVONsphere Express similar to what DTPO has in the “Find in database” search control? Earlier today, I was trying to search for some emails about a transfer. I searched for “transfer” and found very few results. I added an asterisk at the end (“transfer*”) and found what I was looking for (that particular item had the word “transferred”).

I like this feature in DTPO and was hoping to get this in DEVONsphere as I’ve turned to DEVONsphere as my “available anywhere search”


The “*” Wildcard operator is available in DEVONsphere Express, and has nothing to do with “prefix while typing” (which I always turn off).

Click on DEVONsphere Express’ cogwheel button and choose Help. Check out the information about searches, and click on the link to the appendix to review the syntax and operators for searches.

“Prefix while typing” is actually identical to automatically appending a * wildcard and might be part of upcoming DEVONsphere Express releases.

Ah, I see the logical trick in automatically and probably invisibly inserting the Wildcard symbol in the “prefix” mode. I hadn’t thought of that.

That said, I still prefer searches not to start until I’ve finished entering the criteria. I like to inspect the criteria for appropriate logic and absence of typos first. :slight_smile: